Big penis in my butthole

2014-12-26 21:00:03 by Snuzzlescuf

I have a song on iTunes. It's bullshit, but yeah

Feel free to rip it off youtube:

I'm a cunt. -Zach

Holy fuck!

2014-11-13 20:44:50 by Snuzzlescuf

I ain't done shit in a long time. Taking some animation classes at the moment and getting better with frame by frame, but I'm finding the hardest problem to be Flash's shitty brush. If it was a normal brush that wasn't awkward as hell, I'd probably focus on more flashes (I have a couple collecting dust but stopped because... yeah, fuck that brush). If anyone knows any other good animation programs that have a normal brush setting, that would be awesome, but until I get used to the fuckadoodle of Adobe, I probably won't be making anything for awhile.


Thanks for the support with my music and  comics by the way. It makes my asshole tighten. 2326196_141592948943_W9fwJVi.png


2013-10-15 13:35:41 by Snuzzlescuf

Hard at work at a new short called "Nerds". It's gonna be awful.

Emo Kyle Update

2013-01-23 03:42:44 by Snuzzlescuf

So yeah, that didn't come out as planned. Too much shit going on. Will it ever be posted? I don't know. I kind of like simplistic stuff to kind of dip my feet in for now. We'll see what happens.


Emo Kyle

2012-11-11 19:05:47 by Snuzzlescuf

A little short I'm working on.

Emo Kyle


2010-06-21 20:58:51 by Snuzzlescuf

I've recently been putting up some strips called "O NOES!" and some other pics.
Check out my newest one put up today HERE!